How Hip Are You?

Have you recently been to your state dental meeting or perhaps a national meeting like the ADHA or ADA meeting? You will notice that there are numerous purveyors of dental office cabinets, sterilization stations, patient chairs and operator stools. For years...

Socializing in Dental Hygiene

Sometimes, working together can make a huge difference in moving a science and field forward. This article describes the importance of dental hygiene socialization.

Are You Undermining Your Own Practice?

Sometimes, when you’ve been practicing for many years, or a few decades even, the task of making a change can be difficult. After all, it’s been working for you this far. However, whenever we want to optimize our results, we need to take a take a close look at what...

A Career As A Dental Hygienist

If you're looking for a career in dental hygiene, it's always good to come in prepared with the proper information.

Do You Want To Improve?

Criticism is a hard thing to swallow sometimes, but it is a vital part of learning, adapting, and improving. When I sit down as a dental hygiene consultant, my goal is always the improvement of my client and their business, and sometimes that can mean taking a hard...

Everyone Can Learn Something New

When the time came for my routine 6-month cleaning, I scheduled my appointment with a hygienist in the new area to which I have moved. My former dentist is one of the best clinicians and persons I have had the honor to know. He is a dental artist and...

Career Satisfaction by the Numbers

Whether you live in Virginia, Iowa, Idaho, or Hawaii, a career in dental hygiene can mean different things in each state. A recent study shows how different states view their careers. If you don't have a positive outlook, what can you change? Contact Leslie...

Helpful tips to Anesthesia

Whether you're new to the industry or looking for a better way to communicate techniques to peers, here are some helpful anesthesia Tips. Contact Leslie Neveu for dental hygiene consulting.

What to do with difficult patients?

Last month, I had a unique experience with a patient in an office in which I consult.  Unique experiences are actually quite rare after 33 years in the profession, so I thought I should mention this situation as it provides a great example of the power of...

Preparing Like A Pro

Do you have what it takes? In honor of the big game, here are some winning tips for starting your career in dental hygiene.