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About Leslie 

leslie 4Leslie Neveu is an experienced U.S. and Canada dental hygiene consultant and speaker who seeks to improve dental practices across North America through company culture development, strategic team building and fundamental management optimization. She specializes in developmental education with fellow dental professionals to create healthy, high-performance work environments. Leslie understands, from experience, the varying signs of efficiency, success, and failure that emerge in the dental industry and is prepared to enhance your practice through tried, tested and a proven methods.Her work with dental hygiene departments includes prevention of serious problems by helping to establish the policies, practices, and skills of healthy, well-run organizations. Leslie’s clients come from large and small businesses throughout the U.S. and Canada, and her expertise lies in helping these clients create harmony at work and prosperity for their businesses.



With over 30 years of experience in the dental industry throughout the U.S. and Canada, Leslie is armed with invaluable insight and experience in practice efficiency and dependability. Her professional training and dedication to the dental practice management sector have allowed her to amass an excess of organizational skills, tips, tricks and systems. As an official member of the Speaking and Consulting Network, the Colorado Dental Hygienists’ Association (CDHA),  and the American Dental Hygienists’ Association (ADHA), her aptitude has not gone unattended or unrecognized. Her ability to evoke change and instill practical yet cardinal concepts while inherently invigorating your team will leave your practice motivated to accomplish the unforeseen, for years to come.

Not only is she renowned for her interactive programs on company  management, leadership, team structure, and modification, but Leslie is also focused on individual growth and interpersonal efficiency. With 20 years of personal experience as a dental hygienist, Leslie understand their needs, wants and perspectives. She understands the responsibilities, authority and personal gratification that can come along with the career and wants to help hygienists across North America exceed their potentials.



Leslie has long had a passion for both dental hygiene and practice management. Her love for dentistry is founded in the definitive science behind oral health. Unlike other forms of medicine, dental practitioners can find exact solutions that, if executed accurately, will resolve a health issue definitively. The ability to promise, provide and predict are elements by which Leslie has long been humbled. The unusual combination of management and dental hygiene, however, initially left Leslie baffled as she began her professional life unsure of what the future held. Her passion for creating an impact could not go fully quenched with only a single practice or even a single city. Leslie saw deficits in the traditional dental hygiene practices and wanted to not only identify them to others, but overcome them, across the nation! This intrigue drove her to becoming a Canadian and USA dental consultant. Her position allows her to to help dental professionals on a large scale and enhance the dental experience for countless patients, every day. Supplementary only to her in-person lectures, she also writes numerous articles that are distributed on a nationwide basis about dental hygiene consulting and skills implementation. Leslie hopes to help dental practices beyond the States and Canada with globally recognized publications.

Leslie has carried out active participation at all levels of choice-making to create company fulfillment for all of her clients. By concentrating on methods that dental professionals can execute well, and lining up activities for implementation, Leslie takes teams to their next level of success.  


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