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Leslie has had many years of success as a dental hygiene consultant. Take a look at some of the feedback she’s received over the years and what her clients have had to say!

Leslie joined my team as a clinical coach approximately 5 years ago. As a large dental practice with over 25 team members, the challenges were unimaginable. Leslie has been able to introduce communication between team members, team members and patients, and between clinical and business teams. Her review and recommendations for our re-care programs helped improve communication between dentist and hygienist, a much needed service in any dental practice. Our hygiene efficiencies improved dramatically. Our patients are now seen sooner and experience more value than we were able to offer prior to Leslie’s influence.

I continue to work with Leslie and would recommend her to anyone who would like to see positive growth in their dental practice.

– Dr. Perry Vitoratos

Leslie was a great contributor to my dental team. She helped develop a strong hygiene department in my office, when there wasn’t much of one to begin with. I needed an experienced, strong individual with excellent hygienist skills to help me establish a growing hygiene department.

Leslie was excellent at educating patients. She was very good at explaining the reasons and the benefits of hygiene procedures, as well as restorative dental care. She was thorough in gathering diagnostic data to help highlight dental health or dental disease, then sharing that information to our patients. Leslie showed a high level of excellence when performing her skills as a hygienist—cleaning teeth, debridement, and examination. She was eloquent and politely firm when describing recommended dental treatment, whether it was elective or necessary treatment.

I had a wonderful experience working with Leslie. She helped grow a weak hygiene department and is a pleasure personally. I would recommend her employment with anyone looking to stimulate growth and consistency in their hygiene department.

– Dr. Curtis Johnsen

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