dental hygiene consultant


best hygiene consultant in usaLeslie wants to optimize your practice and make the unimaginable possible! Her dynamic expertise has allowed her to provide immediate results, increased profits and amazing work place environments that are customized to fit industry and practice needs.

Leslie works with teams of up to 30 professionals throughout Canada and the States, creating leadership, hands-on training, goal setting, energy, and theory practices. She analyses all areas of dental hygiene departments and provides clear, concise strategies and systems to make them the best they can be! All of her consulting work is provided in-office, directly with all team members, and/or by video conference. As a full-service consultant, Leslie is here to provide you with the services you need.

Leslie Neveu’s hygiene consulting services has a tested history of helping dental professionals find what channels make the most sense for their services. Not only does she focus on a business as a whole, she focuses on each individual that makes up the dental hygiene department and how they can contribute to the team effectively. Each role and decision has a domino effect on every aspect of a practice’s schedule.

Leslie counsels her clients on their key strategic problems, leveraging her deep US and Canadian dental industry expertise, and making use of analytical data to help them make choices faster while fixing their toughest and most crucial day-to-day business issues. 

She offers the understanding, compassion, and guidance that practices need in order to progress with confidence. Her services include world-class and extensive analysis, deep understanding of hygiene departments, and pragmatic solutions to produce useful, high-impact outcomes, quickly. The advice she provides to her clients is trusted, up-to-date, and provides highest value on return. Consequently, all of her clients acquire effective advice along with experienced and informed instruction for efficiency in ensuring practice advancements and systems’ upkeep.

Additionally, her informative and interactive consultancy will ensure that hygienists have the expertise and capacity to handle all types of patients, build essential inter-organizational trust, and implement the very best techniques for patient comfort in the USA and Canada. 

Carrying out innovative concepts without strategic thinking can be a huge waste of time and money. Leslie’s expertise will assist your hygiene department to reach their fullest potential. Contact her today for your next event!