Criticism is a hard thing to swallow sometimes, but it is a vital part of learning, adapting, and improving. When I sit down as a dental hygiene consultant, my goal is always the improvement of my client and their business, and sometimes that can mean taking a hard look at certain bad habits and practices that have start occurring over the years. Improving is hard, if my 30 years of experience has taught me anything. You not only have to learn something new, but you have to do by unlearning or adjusting what you already know from years of experience, and that is not an easy task.

Where I come in is at the beginning of the process. Sometimes, you may not know that you are undermining your own practice by a few bad habits that you’ve started doing over the years. As a proven dental hygiene consultant, my job is to analyze where in your practice you need improving and to guide you through the process. To make the entire business better, I focus on each individual that makes up the dental hygiene department and help them improve their ability to contribute to the team, shoring up weaknesses in their abilities and routine habits. From there, the entire business can improve because each individual that’s part of the whole is now better in practice and knowledge.

With the power of consultation, you have the ability to improve your practice to become even more successful than ever before.

You can find me traveling through Canada and the United States bringing consultation services to whomever needs it.